Narrator Application

NOTE: Audiobook Narration requires special equipment and software. Due to the nature of our business, and the contract we recently received from a large publisher, we can only work with Audiobook Narrators who have previously narrated at least three books, and those books must already be on the market for us to review.

If you'd like to learn more about narrating audiobooks, we recommend:
HOW TO NARRATE AUDIOBOOKS: From Novice to Professional

Once you have narrated at least three books, and can offer samples and references, you can come back to our website and submit an application.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AUDIOBOOK NARRATION EXPERIENCE, PLEASE KEEP READING. only refers authors to the best of the best. We recently signed an exclusive contract with to offer audiobook narration services to its thousands of authors. Of course, we will be working with other publishers and individual authors as well. But, the business from BookLocker's authors will be immediate and brisk once the announcement is made. They already have a waiting list of interested authors.

At, we only refer authors to real voice narrators. We do NOT provide, nor in any way endorse, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology because Amazon will not sell audiobooks created with synthetic voices.

We do not charge narrators to advertise on our site . However, all narrators under contract with are required to send us a 15% referral fee, via paypal, for all the work we send your way. Our contract is non-exclusive and you can keep working with authors, other publishers, and even other sites like ours while you work with us.

When an author sees your information and hears a voice sample from you on our website, and if they choose to hire you, we will send that author to you directly. YOU will collect payment from the author and YOU will decide the terms for that business relationship. In other words, you will work directly with the authors we refer to you throughout the entire audiobook creation process.

The final files you provide to the author or publisher must be ready to sell. It's fine if you partner with another professional for editing/mastering (full production), and include that person's fees in your quote, but the author MUST receive audiobook files from you that are ready to list and sell. Authors do not want to hire a narrator, and then have to go looking for an editor as well.

Audiobooks must meet ACX/Audible, Findaway, Audible, and iTunes standards.

If you would like to apply to be on our roster of book narrators, please bookmark this page so you can come back, and submit the required materials when you are ready. Or, submit them right now if you have these items immediately available.


  1. Your bio
  2. A short list of audiobooks you have narrated (these must already be on the market)
  3. A link to a sample from one of your audiobook projects that we can listen to. It must be a minimum of five minutes but longer samples are fine.
  4. Quotes or references from three or more authors or publishers for which you have provided narrations services in the past.