At Book Narrators, we believe in providing your book’s readers with a high-quality experience. We also want you to sell as many copies of your audiobook as possible.

As an author, Artificial Intelligence (AI) narrators may seem attractive if you want to expand into audiobooks. But, using AI for your audiobook may doom your sales right from the start.


1. Amazon.com, the world’s largest and most popular online store, will not sell audiobooks that use AI narrators. ACX, Amazon’s audiobook publishing website, specifically states in their submission requirements:

“Your submitted audiobook must be narrated by a human. ACX doesn’t accept text-to-speech or other automated recordings.”

If your book is not for sale at the largest audiobook retailer in the world, it’s simply not going to sell. Using AI technology for your audiobook can, in fact, guarantee its failure.

2. Even if you’re willing to sacrifice the vast majority of possible sales by going with an AI narrator, most people still won’t buy your audiobook, because AI sounds bad. It’s unnatural and robotic, and can severely distort pronunciation of some words. Listening to an annoying, unnatural voice for hours is not something most people want to do.

BookNarrators.com offers you quality human narrators who not only charge reasonable fees, but who will also make your audiobook as professional as it can be.

Best of all, you’ll be working directly with the narrator of your choice from start to finish.

We are currently building our stable of narrators. If you are an author looking for a narrator and a quote, please CONTACT US and we will keep you updated on when our service will be live. We are connecting authors with narrators on a first-come, first-served basis.

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